Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chicago Service Jam'11 Final Video Presentation

Chicago Service Jam 2011 Submission - Swoop from Jennifer Wittman on Vimeo.

Description: Swoop! a service platform empowering people to better their communities one deed at a time. People would like to contribute to the community but often can’t commit to a set schedule. The Swoop! platform allows community members to identify and address local challenges,engages members of the community to solve those challenges, and reap the rewards. Using either their smart phone or home computer, Swoop! users can record social ills such as,trash in the neighborhood, graffiti or snow build up. These needs are posted as ‘missions’ for other members of the community to tackle. Each mission is assigned a point value based on the urgency. Missions can grow in urgency as other people also mark them as an issue. People can then accept the mission, complete the task, and win the points. Points are used toward acquiring community awards like neighborhood beautification, school improvements, or additional resources. Swoop! helps people work together to create super communities The Swoop! ecosystem and photos from the process can be found on our site at

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chicago Service Jam '11

On Friday March 11th, people in nearly 50 cities around the world will be getting together over 48 hours for the first Global Service Jam. Working with a shared theme, we will design and rapid-prototype services. It will be a chance to learn more about service design and service design techniques… by ‘doing’. We’ll be uploading the results onto Global Service Design HQ Hub… and all the designs will be presented to the world!

The Chicago Service Design Jam Host Byron Stewart invites Chicago area non-profits, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, academics, and students to participate in the global experience at Conifer Research. Come work with and learn from our amazing Team of Design Coaches.

Scholarships available!

Tickets are going fast Please registar TODAY!

The Details:
Dates: Friday, March 11th through Sunday, March 13th.Time: Starting 5:30pm Friday, March 11th. until 4:00pm Sunday March 13th.Host Location: Conifer Research 67 East Madison Street Suite 1900 Chicago, Illinois 60603