Thursday, May 17, 2012

DD+D Goes to Helsinki Finland!

 Byron has been invited to present an interactive lecture as part  of  World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 events. The presentation is June 7th. 2012 in Helsinki. The presentation is titled,Theatre + Design.

The audience will be a mix of SME-small business owners, designers and improv actors from Helsinki's Stella Polaris improv troupe. The actors will perform as part of the presentation.

The event is funded by TEKES Funding Agency , Finland.

Here is the event Flyer

Here is the press release:

The way we go about creating new products and services is changing.
There is a move to focus on the customer-centric or human-centric aspects of design.
This change, along with increasing complexity in available technologies and experiences, make it imperative that SMEs’ and designers have an empathetic perspective.  Customers compare companies – no matter what industry they are in-against firms like Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Disney that are known for customer centricity.  As a tool for modeling human interactions, theatre is inexpensive, fast and flexible.  Theatrical techniques and acting methodology can help support building that empathetic perspective when infused into the design processes and aligned with business goals.  The Theatre + Design lecture will review what’s needed for SME’s, design firms, and theatre + based design consultants to work together to create business value and great customer experiences.  

Byron will also be a guest participant at the Fennia Awards while he's in Finland.

Here's a post presentation review and link more to come

“Byron is inspiring, endorsing and a true professional regarding the use of applied theatre  in design thinking. He has a great personality and ability to encourage people to think out-of-the-box.” Merja Salonen Tekes Funding Agency, Helsinki Finland July 2, 2012

Tekes Link

I had the opprotunity to meet Vessa Kantola while in Helsinki. Vessa has been a leader in the area of theatre and design.