Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Information Design and Design Empathy

Byron was invited to present DD+D's Design Empathy workshop for the Information Design class at Columbia College this month.

Course description: This course teaches
students the basic principles and practice of
information design. Students investigate,
design and test visual processes; develop
information systems; map data; graph paths;
and create interactive displays.

General Information: In this course students
examine information design through the lens of
user-centered design and design research
methodology. They begin with a discussion
of theory and practice of information design,
and then are introduced to the concept of “design 
thinking.” The focus of this class is how
information is communicated through design.
This is a broad definition of “design” and
students learn the importance of understanding
users, in order to ensure that products and
services meet their needs.

Here are pics from the class and participant feedback

Student feedback comments:
"I actually enjoyed the handshake before class. To me, that was like taking time out to see me individually. Keep up the good work, you're funny!"
"It was very interesting to learn about corporate examples of empathizing w/the user and the presentation was fun and interactive."
"Byron, you have a wonderful gift of communication,"
"Byron was very into teaching and speaking to the class."
"It was entertaining and interactive, which allowed for information to be absorbed."
"Created a really different way of viewing things,ideas and people."
"It got blood flowing and gave a new perspective."
"It helped me better understand the role of em path in design."
" I usually don't enjoy interactive learning but I actually learned some valuable info about design."
"Great speaker, kept me engaged throughout the presentation and shared knowledge effectively!"