Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ready, Set, Go at Northwestern University

Byron taught the "Ready" sessions of this year's Ready, Set, Go program at Northwestern University .
Ready, Set, Go is an intensive summer workshop designed to improve the oral communication and presentation skills of graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Get Ready: Build stage confidence through improv and theater.

Get Set: Learn to customize your research story for any audience.

Go: Showcase your skills in an interdisciplinary colloquium.

Here  is a link to the NU program

The Northwestern program is modeled after a program originated by Stony Brook University's Center for Communicating Science where Alan Alda (Mash) ran the "Ready" section.

Here is a video of his work which I adapted for our program.

Some of the feedback:

“Byron came to Northwestern University to work with graduate students as part of a professional development building program aimed at improving the communication skills of PhD scientists and researchers. Through group instruction and individual coaching, Byron's keen eye for details and humorous presentations enabled the class to both have a terrific time and gain valuable insight in the changes needed to improve their research presentations to a variety of audiences. All of the students surveyed stated how successful the sessions were, and how much fun they had - many doing so in a setting that was outside of their typical comfort zone. This only happened because Byron has such an engaging personality and talent for recognizing the small changes that individuals can make to vastly improve their stage presence and presentation skills. Byron is professional, fun, and an excellent teacher and coach. I highly recommend his work.”
Michelle Paulsen ·Program Director at Northwestern University