Friday, September 24, 2010

IxDA announces launch LocalD- Service + Design

Here is a video from our September Interaction Design Association (IxDA) meeting where we announced our launch of IxDA's LocalD (Service & Design Placement) and our collaboration with Northwestern's Design for America program.

Jeff Leitner and Jason Ulaszek also presented "UX for Good".
An interactive workshop where we worked on solutions for
Streetwise Magazine.
A magazine sold by Chicago's homeless community.
For more info on UX for Good please see

Jeff is dean of The Insight Labs, a pro-bono program that enlists top business and brand strategists to help non-profits and government agencies. The labs themselves are raucous, 3-hour meetings and, beginning in October, digital events to broaden and deepen the best thinking from the live sessions. Jeff is also a partner in Cause Strategy, a senior strategist with Manifest Digital and founder of 10,000 Blankets. He is a former lobbyist, political operative, newspaper reporter, kibbutznik and social worker. Likes: systems thinkers. Dislikes: timidity, olives.

Jason is a leader in the user experience practice at Manifest Digital, adjunct faculty at DePaul University and consultant to start-ups and small businesses. Privately, he's a crazed evangelist for interaction design - accosting strangers with sermons on the value of user-centered design in solving business and social problems. He is a former shoe salesman, animal clinic handyman and telemarketer. Likes: great beer, impossible challenges. Dislikes: negativity, olives.

Byron is a local leader for IxDA ,was a participant in one of Jeff"s Insight Labs for the Chicago Sinfonietta and was a Boot Camp presenter for DfA'10.

Byron also performed as a Streetwise vendor "Spark" during the "UX for Good" workshop.Sparks are those people that make you shake your head and say “what was that?!”. They inspire others by the work they’re doing through the way they question the norm and illustrate a different, better future. They are the innovators in their field. And, they like to mix it up.

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