Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DD+D's Bodystorming Video @ Sears

Project Bodystorming from miaoqi Zhu on Vimeo.

Hi, the video of our Bodystorming session at Sears Inc. just came out, hope you like it, and also leave your comments here to let us know what you think!

(for those who are interested in bringing a "storm" to your organization, please refer to this document )

What is Bodystorming?

Explore this unique mentod for bringing innovate ideas to life!

Bodystorming is a participatory method for demonstrating or developing ideas in a physical setting. Team members explore ideas and interactions physically, using props such as maps or photos to give a sense of place. Bodystorming goes beyond brainstorming by giving an idea a physical form and acting it out in different contexts. The process is designed to uncover how the relationships between people, locations and things affect ideas in ways that written scenarios cannot. It enables rapid iteration of ideas and relationships through a dynamic process of acting and evaluating. The process reveals how people interact with services, products and each other on a physical, emotional and intuitive level

Project Bodystorming/DD+D is the name given to Dramatic Diversity’s ( offerings in the various fields of design. DD+D has an innovative approach to helping designers use acting methodology and improvisation to engage in the design process as well as communicate and collaborate around design possibilities. DD+D uses bodystorming, embodied dramatic personas, realistic scenarios, participatory design, and forum theatre techniques to help designers
empathize with users.

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